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Conversion tables

Since my blog is essentially about France, I’m going to stick to French weights and measures.

But I do realize that this is sometimes quite off-putting, and may stop you from having a go at preparing my recipes. So here are some conversion tables of the most commonly used weights and measures, to which I shall add as time goes on. Forgive me if what you are looking for is not here yet.

Here is a very good site for converting just about anything.

Oven temperature

Slow oven = 150°C = 300°F = Gas mark 2

Moderately slow oven = 160°C = 320°F = Gas mark 3

Moderate oven = 180°C = 355°F = Gas mark 4

Hot oven = 200°C = 400°F = Gas mark 6

30gr = 1oz           1 litre = 2 pints

2.5cm = 1 inch

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  4. Conversion tables will come in especially handy with Hugo in the kitchen with me :)

  5. I really like your site. Nice photos and well detailed recipes. Looks very professional. Everything i need to cook is here. Buy the way i am french and appreciate your translation.


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