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One French word: vin, a French recipe: fraises au vin

A variation on a previous recipe of strawberries with limoncello liqueur: since it is the strawberry season, we should have a whole stock of recipes at our fingertips!

Fraises au vin

Vin = wine of course. Probably the word that the world over is most connected with France.  The French cook a lot with wine, and often the wine is as good as that served at table.

Fraises au vin, main ingredients

This recipe is very simple, but no less good for that. Strawberries, nice and ripe, cut in four, sprinkled with a little sugar and the grated or zested rind of one or two oranges, depending on the quantity of strawberries, with a glass or two of red wine poured over them. Stir delicately, leave to infuse for an hour, or overnight. If you don’t want to use alcohol, use the juice of the same oranges.

Bon appétit!


About OneFrenchWord

I was a professional linguist and have been a life-long foodie. I am now lucky enough to be retired and free to roam the beaches around my home at the tip of the Finistère (Brittany, France). Writing is occupying a larger place in my life, with this blog and a children's book in preparation. I shall feel much happier calling myself a writer when I have published a book. And so posts on OneFrenchWord will be published first as an e-book, my ambition being to see a glossy volume on French language and cuisine in print some day. So keep reading, and snap up the book when it appears!

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  1. I so love reading your blog.i look forward to it and I have a busy life so please take this as a big compliment.

  2. I do take it as a compliment, Susan, thank you!

  3. I am looking forward to trying this out– when our strawberries are ready— the weather has been so cold here I think it will be midsummer when they are finally ready!! I too enjoy reading your blog— it’s a highlight in all the rubbish that comes into my inbox . Thankyou

  4. Surely you can buy Breton strawberries where you are?!
    Thank you too for the compliment, I’m delighted I’m not part of the “rubbish”!

  5. l’air délicieux :)

  6. Just got strawberries from my CSA box!!!

  7. My husband always pours a glass of red wine over strawberries. I am not quite as keen as him but it does add a certain something. I haven’t tried orange zest – must do so.

  8. Finally found your blog, but it was totally by accident. Let me know when you start blogging again. I hope you are well.


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